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 950 Powell St Suite 202, Vancouver, BC V6A 1H9

How can I pay?

Crane Studios accepts e-transfers & cheques. 


What about backgrounds?

We keep multiple coloured seamless backgrounds in stock, which we offer for $35 per pull. If there is another color you want, let us know, we might have it in stock, or we can order it for you in advance of your shoot.


What lighting equipment do you provide?

We do not provide lighting equipment, however can work with you to find the best rental studio and arrange drop off, if the shoot is large enough. We do provide C-Stands.


Do you have other camera equipment for rental?

We do not provide camera equipment, however can work with you to find the best rental studio

Can I take a tour of the studios?

Absolutely! Please email us to set up an appointment.


Do you rent for other/special events?

Not often.  If you have an event please email us to see if it is a possibility.


Can you be my photographer/videographer?

Yes. We are professional dance, actor, product. advertising, editorial, beauty, fashion and event photographers as well as documentary photographer/videographers. Please contact us for rates.


Do you have pressing equipment and clothing racks?

Yes. We have a steamer and rolling clothing rack included in the rental if needed.


Do you have wi-fi?



Does the studio have a kitchen?

The studio is equipped with a full kitchen, including full sink, stove, microwave and fridge.


Can I move the furnishings in the studio?

You can move anything you like, just please put it back before the end of your shoot.


Is there natural light in the studio?

There is some natural light in the studio.  Please inquire about specifics if this is a need.


Are you wheelchair accessible?

We are.  We have a ramp for wheelchairs and to load gear in and out.

Where can I get food or coffee?

There is a Starbucks, Subway, Brewery and soup and sandwich cafe all within a block. 


Do you have a stereo?

Yes! The studio rental comes with a aux cord-equipped music player, so bring your iPod or iPhone or any device.


Is the studio smoke-free?

Yes. However you need to smoke for the photograph that is allowed.


Can I bring pets?

People friendly, well trained pets are allowed— but please let us know in advance.