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Terms and Conditions


By booking you acknowledge:

You rent our space on an “as is” basis. While we will take reasonable effort to maintain the space and the supplies within it, you are responsible for your own use of and conduct inside our space and therefore release us of all liability should anyone injure themselves or break any equipment in the studio. It is assumed that anyone who operates any accessory or equipment inside our space knows how to use it and has taken precaution to make sure no one gets injured. We do not take responsibility for any use of accessories such as a ladder, swing, doorway, etc and any use is 100% the responsibility of the person who has made the booking of our studio space. Upon placing your booking, you waive the right to sue for any damages which may occur on the premises. The renter acknowledges 100% responsibility of his or her own crew and gear and any other belongings or people involved in the use of the studio during their rental, and agrees to divulge this information to anyone else involved. Any broken equipment must be paid for in full upon discovery or risk being penalized at the current market price. The building is not open to the public, however, there are office workers upstairs that share the downstairs washroom with you. 


Full payment is needed to secure a booking date. Additional rates may apply for groups larger than 15 people in studio, including a cleaning fee.


Cancellations Policy:

Any cancellations 30 days or more prior to booking will receive 75% refund.

Any cancellations between 14 - 30 days prior to booking will receive 50% refund.

Any cancellations 14 days or less prior to booking will receive 0% refund.

Changing your booking date will incur a $100 moving fee.


You are responsible for the accuracy of your booking. Please double check your booking, before paying for your time slot. Unless rescheduled according to our reschedule policy, we are not responsible for mistakes made due to negligence (i.e. you booked the 1st day of a month, but your shoot was actually on the 2nd day of that month, or you got the wrong month altogether, etc.)


Disruption in service:

Should there be any interruptions to your service such as power outages, construction noise, or your not being able to find our studio or get inside, you agree to bear this responsibility in full. We provide clear instructions on how to access the space to you in advance, and if you’re unable to access our space despite clear instructions, we will not be held liable. You are solely responsible for all of your own expenses and Crane Studios will not be held accountable for any expenses you incur as a result of being unable to complete your scheduled project inside our studio.​


Additional time is charged at $80+gst per hour. This includes set up and tear down. A grace period of 10 minutes is allowed​, but once the time exceeds this (i.e 11 minutes or more) the additional charge will take effect. Full day bookings must start at 8am, or else they are subject to an overtime rate. Half day rentals must start at either 8am or 1pm.

Full Day Rental $750+gst - up to 10 hours between 8am and 6pm. $80 an hour before 8am and after 6pm.

Half Day Rental $450+gst - up to 5 hours


Our studio is located in an industrial area. The studio is NOT designed for audio capture. Please do not use the studio with the intention of recording good audio.



Please leave the studio as you found it, putting everything back in its place to avoid inconveniencing the people scheduled in after you. If you leave the studio in a non-rentable condition (i.e. the studio needs a/vacuum/wipe/furniture is not back in its place/there is litter all over the space/etc), then you will be charged a $80 cleaning fee.​ Excess food left behind may be subject to an $80 disposal fee. Excess garbage may be subject to an $80 disposal fee.

No Smoke/Fog or smoke bombs. Please, do not detonate any smoke grenades/flares in our studio.

Noise level:

Our building is a commercial space which includes offices on the top level, so please keep the noise level reasonable.

Purpose of your booking:

You may book our studio for any art related events such as photoshoots, video shoots, workshops (i.e. for modeling, photography, makeup) and tutorials. Our studio is however not available for hosting parties.

Thanks for submitting!

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