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Crane Studios is a spacious open-concept photography studio available for rent in the heart of Vancouver. With a large shooting area, it is perfect for photoshoots or MOS film sets.

Crane Studios also includes a kitchen that can be used for either cooking or shooting. Additionally, there is a lounge above the shooting area that is perfect for clients and can be included in the booking upon request.

Private offices are upstairs for house photographers. These photographers access these offices during the day through a set of stairs on the side that do not go through the shooting space. 

The Space

  • 2500 sq ft studio 

  • 24 ft high ceilings

  • 28 x 46 ft shooting area

  • White backdrop 20 ft wide x 11.5 ft high 

  • Sprung dance floor 

  • Hair and makeup area 

  • Change room

  • Full kitchen

  • Automatic blinds 

  • High-speed Wifi

  • Bluetooth sound system 

  • Security system 

  • Washroom

  • Wheelchair accessible​ 

  • Loading-bay and ramp​


  • Free parking (4 spots at the location, free on the street)

Grip Equipment

  • C stands

  • V-flats

  • Sandbags

  • Firenze Super Salon camera stand

  • Extension cords

  • Apple boxes (10 pancakes, 6 quarter, 9 half, and 8 full)

  • Shooting cart

  • 2 ladders

  • 1 clothing steamer

  • Wardrobe rolling rack with hangers

  • Seamless paper available to rent

Eats & Drinks

Full day
Up to 10 hrs  I   $750.00 + GST
8am-6pm on weekdays


5 hrs  I   $450.00 + GST

Additional load in hours/overtime hours charged at $80.00 + GST per hour.

Sorry, we do not book by the hour, the half-day rate is our minimum.

Please see our terms and conditions regarding payment and additional charges.

Can we record audio in the studio?

Unfortunately, the studio is not suitable for recording. There are offices above the studio and traffic, trains, and other noises outside that we can't control.


How can I pay?

Crane Studios accepts e-transfer and credit cards. 


What about backgrounds?

We have a variety of seamless backgrounds in stock. The cost is $35 per pull for a 9 foot seamless and $65 per pull for a 12 foot seamless. Please contact us to inquire what is in stock.

What lighting equipment do you provide?

We do not provide lighting equipment. We recommend connecting with Beau Photo or Flashpoint for your lighting and rental needs.

Can I take a tour of the studios?

Absolutely! Please email us at to set up an appointment.


Do you rent for PARTIES/special events?

No, sorry we do not rent the space for events.


Can you be my photographer/videographer?

Yes, we have in house photographers. Please contact us for rates.

Can I move the furnishings in the studio?

Yes, you can move the furniture, just please put it back before the end of your shoot.


Is there natural light in the studio?

There is some natural light in the studio.  Please inquire about specifics if this is your primary light source.

Is the studio smoke-free?

Yes, smoking is prohibited indoors.

Is alcohol permitted on-site?

No, alcohol is not permitted on site. 


Yes, garbage and recycling are included, however, excessive amounts of garbage and larger items must be removed or incur a fee. 


Can I bring pets?

People-friendly, well trained pets are allowed, but please let us know in advance.

FOR Booking INQUIRIES Contact us At

Suite 202-950 Powell Street

Vancouver, BC

(entrance on East Cordova Street)

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